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1. Planning

At Reach, we believe that it's important to be fully transparent with our clients. The planning stage is a great time to get to know each other, set expectations, and move forward on your integration project together.

Why We're Different

Payment providers do just that - provide payments. At Reach, we do things a little differently. We also help guide you through what it means to localize, how to find country-specific best practices, and what you need to do to understand the ins and outs of currency management. We're here to help you succeed globally, not just push payment methods.

Kickoff Call

During this stage, we may have a project kickoff call. Some of the questions we like to consider together are:

  • What is your biggest technical pain point right now?
  • Where do you think we can best help you in the integration process?
  • What is your integration schedule?
  • What are your technical support requirements?
  • Do you have any business requirements that are unique to your business model?
  • What platform are you building on?
  • How do you currently measure your ecommerce sales? What does success look like to your organization? How are you benchmarking your data?
  • How do you handle cardholder data?
  • What is the full scope of this project?
  • Are you interested in a phased approach?
  • Who needs access to the administrative portal? Who has the "final say" on who gets access?
  • What is your ideal go-live date?

Understanding Your Checkout

We always request that you take a short video capture of buying something from your site, with one of your developers talking about what you do at each stage and why. (Here is a great screen capture resource we like using). The reason we ask for this is so that we can better understand how your developers have integrated your checkout, as well as uncover the places we can have the most impact. We may ask to have a call around this once we've taken a look and really understood what's happening in your international checkout.

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1. Planning

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