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2. Technical Integration

Technical Integration is one of the most important pieces of your global ecommerce plan. We've gathered our technical resources here for you to have at your fingertips. Have a question you don't see the answer to? Just reach out to us at [email protected].


If you're only going to read one page, this is the page! This is the conceptual framework for how to understand our systems, the major API calls, and the most useful data you can imagine. (PS we definitely recommend reading all the pages.)

Request Format

This page will help you understand how to format the calls you send in to Reach.

Order States & Events

Understand what stages an order goes through in Reach's system as well as what notifications are sent.

Checkout API Specification

An in-depth look into each API request and their parameters.

Payment Method Types

Overview of the three payment method classes and their differences.

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3. Accreditation

2. Technical Integration

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