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4. Production Configuration

When you go live in a new country, Reach needs to be notified so that we can configure you correctly in our system.

Step 1

Tell us when you want to go live. We need to coordinate the time of your go-live so that we are monitoring the live environment and so that we can alert you immediately if there are any issues in the new environment.

  • If your go-live date or time changes, please let us know! We request 48 hours notice so that we can ensure our technical team has dedicated monitoring staff. We will be looking at each of the new transactions coming through, and making sure we do everything on our end to get those transactions through successfully.

Step 2

Reach configures your account and issues your production credentials. Let us know where you'd like your production notifications to be sent by sending over your notification URL.

Step 3


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5. Go-Live

4. Production Configuration

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