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6. Monitoring and Reporting

Now that you've gone live, it's important to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening with your international orders.

Remember way back to our kickoff call where we talked about how you measure success and transactions? This is the time to check in and make sure that we are outperforming any other processors. After a few weeks of processing, our fraud team has tightened and honed the relevant fraud rules to get better and better rates. Our technical team does regular monitoring to ensure that all of your countries, currencies, and methods are not only working as expected, but that we are working together to ensure your order success.


We monitor your authorization levels constantly. We're happy to set up a weekly review to ensure you understand in a granular way how your authorization rates look.


Reporting and payment attempt data is available in the Reach Admin UI. You can request access at

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6. Monitoring and Reporting

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