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Shopify Gateway - Onboarding

This is a general guide to help you keep track of recommended reading and necessary documents that Reach needs before go-live.

General Support

For technical questions and concerns, please use our [email protected] address.

Integration Overview

You can find a general overview of the Reach Shopify integration process here.

Bank Remittance Details

Please send your onboarding manager a bank statement with the relevant account/wire details.

Alternatively, your bank may send us a copy of a letter on bank letterhead containing the following information:

  1. The full (company) name of the beneficial owner of the account
  2. Bank account number
  3. SWIFT/BIC code
  4. Sorting/Branch Code
  5. Name and Address of bank
  6. Name and phone number of bank contact

Customer Service, Fraud, and Accounting Information

Read our documentation on our CS, Fraud, and Accounting page.

Let us know if you'd like to schedule a web training on any of the following:

Risk and Manual Reviews/Fraud
Customer Service
Accounting and Reporting

Getting in Touch

Questions? Want a quick overview? Hoping to go live, but need a bit of help?

It's absolutely easy to get in touch with our Shopify experts! Just reach out to [email protected] and schedule a time with us at your convenience.

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Shopify Gateway - Onboarding

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