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CheckoutChamp has a Reach gateway integration. This is a simple way to get started with Reach with no coding necessary.

Step 1. Activate the Reach Gateway

Go to MerchantsGateway Integrations and activate the WithReach tile with the “+ Activate” button

Step 2 - Configure Reach Settings

Fill out the general details section as you would for any other gateway in your system. Reach has some custom inputs that affect how CheckoutChamp and the WithReach plugin work together.

GatewaySelect WithReach to display the Reach specific fields
Merchant IdEnter the Reach provided merchant Id
HMAC SecretEnter the Reach provided HMAC secret
Use Test ServerEnable this to use Reach’s sandbox. If enabled, you must enter Reach provided Sandbox Merchant Id & HMAC Secret.
Accept LiabilityEnable this to use 3rd party fraud plugins. Disable to use Reach’s fraud screening


Gateway Details mandatory field

Under the Gateway Detials section, Mid # is a required field. You can enter your merchant Id or any value you want. It just can't be blank.

Step 2a - Enable PayPal (only required if you're using PayPal)

If you're using PayPal through Reach, follow these steps to enable PayPal through Reach.

  1. Open the funnel using the WithReach Gateway

  2. Select Settings> Payments> PayPal> Gateway

    and select the WithReach gateway

Step 3 - Enable Payment Methods

Accepted Payments
The WithReach plugin supports

  • PayPal (not shown in the Accepted Payment List)
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Amex.

We recommend enabling all default payment methods.

Step 4 - Enable the Reach Gateway

If you're using the Reach gateway for credit cards, follow these steps to enable Reach payments on your funnel and to have the Reach Badge displayed

  1. Open the funnel using the WithReach Gateway
  2. Select Settings> Payments> Reach
  3. Enter your Reach Merchant ID (Note - this much match the MID used on the Reach Gateway List)
  4. Select your locale and choose your Badge theme (Dark or Light)
Reach Badge Example

Reach Badge Funnel Activation