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Pago Efectivo is a popular Peruvian payment method that allows consumers to check out with a unique code instead of a credit or debit card. Customers have the options of paying with online banking or in person at one of over 45,000 physical locations that partner with the Pago Efectivo service.

Payment Flow

Here's a quick run-through of how Pago Efectivo might look in a checkout process:


Type of Payment
Consumer Currency
Consumer Country
Expiry Period
5 days on ticket, 5 days at processor.
Recurring Payments
Partial Payment
No. The shopper must pay the entire amount due.
Yes. Refunds are submitted normally and can take up to 24 hours to complete.


What is Pago Efectivo?

Pago Efectivo is an online payment method created by the El Comercio Group. It is an alternative payment used on the internet and available to anyone who wants to make online payments without credit or debit cards.

How does it work?

Pago Efectivo utilizes a Payment Identification Code ("Código de identificación de pago," or "CIP") that the user can then pay by at one of the over 45,000 affiliated payment centers nationwide. When the payment is made, the payment center will automatically notify the Pago Efectivo system and, at the same time, Pago Efectivo will notify the affiliated merchant that the payment has been made satisfactorily.

What banks do you support?

BBVA Continental, Interbank, and BCP are available, and we add new bank support regularly.

What are the various stages a transaction goes through?

When the client decides to pay with Pago Efectivo, a CIP is created with status Pending payment. The CIP created changes to Canceled status only when the client pays the CIP through one of the Pago Efectivo-authorized centers (Banco de Credito del Perú, BBVA Banco Continental, Banco Scotiabank, Banco Interbank, Banco Banbif, Western Union Services Payment, FullCarga and Kasnet). In case of an error in the transaction

When a CIP is created, it has an expiration date (see expiry period above), and if the CIP has not yet been paid and the expiration date passes, the CIP enters the state Expired. A merchant may cancel or delete the CIP, which will prevent a user from paying. In this case, the CIP status will move to "Deleted."

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Best Practices

  • The interaction for a user is similar to Boleto. For reference, to direct a customer to pay online with their Pago Efectivo Account:

    • Visit any participating online merchant and shop for any product or service.
    • When ready to make a payment, choose the Pago Efectivo Account checkout option.
    • On the Pago Efectivo Account checkout window, enter your Username, Password and payment amount to complete your payment.

Technical Considerations

Please find sample code below

  "MerchantId": "e78e8cd0-24b8-4b0c-a922-87a1d8cc61c3",
  "ReferenceId": "1540602245123",
  "PaymentMethod": "PAGOEFECTIVO",
  "ConsumerCurrency": "PEN",
  "Capture": true,
  "Items": [
      "Description": "Piston Ring",
      "ConsumerPrice": 100,
      "Quantity": 1,
      "Sku": "4383471583721"
  "Consumer": {
    "Name": "Jane Doe",
    "Email": "[email protected]",
    "Phone": "1234567890",
    "Address": "123 Any Street",
    "City": "Somewhere",
    "Region": "14",
    "PostalCode": "12345",
    "Country": "PE",
    "NationalIdentifier": "12345678"
  "DeviceFingerprint": "a5772185-1c9a-4646-9772-557fc6083ea2",
  "Return": ""
  "OrderId": "08375677-216c-4cb4-b789-271746b849a5",
  "UnderReview": false,
  "Expiry": "2018-11-02T01:02:34Z",
  "Authorized": false,
  "Completed": false,
  "Captured": false,
  "Action": {
    "Redirect": ""


  • Please ask your technical onboarding manager for details related to testing this payment method.

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