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Supported Countries and Currencies

The following is the list of currencies and their associated countries supported by Reach.

Currencies are made available to merchants based on merchant risk profiles, Reach approval results, and locally available payment methods.


Countries and currencies are not always a one-to-one relationship. In Sweden, for instance, both SEK and EUR are accepted, while in Brazil, only BRL is accepted.

Country Codes
Suggested Display


د.إ United Arab Emirates Dirham United Arab Emirates AE د.إ747.46
AUD $ Australian Dollar Australia AU AU$1,339.67
BRL R$ Brazilian Real Brazil


*BRL may only be processed in BR and no other currencies are accepted in BR.

R$ 4,909.31
CAD $ Canadian Dollar Canada CA CA$69.76
CHF CHF or Fr. or SFr.  or Swiss Franc Switzerland CH

CHF 1,154.52
Fr. 1,154.52
SFr. 1,154.52
1,154.52 (less common)

CLP $ Chile Peso Chile CL CL$ 803,068.00
CNY ¥ China Yuan Renminbi China CN ¥ 8,268.23
COP $ Colombian Peso Colombia CO CO$3,640,354.25
CZK Czech Koruna Czech Republic CZ 1 415 Kč


kr Danish Krone Denmark DK KR 7,625.05
EGP جنيه or E£ Egyptian Pound Egypt EG جنيه2,599
EUR Euro European Union AT, BE, BG, CZ, DK, DE, EE, IE, ES, FR, GR, HR, IT, CY, LV, LT, LU, HU, ME, MT, NL, PT, SP, RO, SI, SK, FI, SE, UK €1,023.46
GBP £ British Pound United Kingdom GB £90.00
HKD $ Hong Kong Dollar Hong Kong HK HK$230.00
HUF Ft Hungary Forint Hungary HG Ft 334,016.09
IDR Rp Indonesian Rupiah Indonesia ID Rp. 855,400
ILS New Israeli Scheqel Israel IL ₪ 4,312.48
INR India Rupee India IN ₹ 88,265.49
JPY ¥ Japanese Yen Japan JP ¥ 134505
KRW South-Korean Won South Korea KR ₩218,532


$ Mexican Peso Mexico MX MXN 2,818.23
NOK kr Norwegian Krone Norway NO kr 441.93
NZD $ New Zealand Dollar New Zealand NZ NZ $ 1,822.01
PEN S/. Peruvian Nuevo Sol Peru PE S / 491.24
PHP Philippine Peso Philippine PH ₱ 7,952.78
PLN Polish Zloty Polish PL zł 539.25
QAR Qatari Rial Qatari QA ﷼100
RON lei New Romanian Lei Romania RO 593.70 lei
SAR Saudi Riyal Saudi Arabia SA 1,128.99 ريـال
SEK kr Swedish Krona Sweden SE kr 596,48
SGD $ Singapore Dollar Singapore SG SG$203.38
THB ฿ Thailand Baht Thailand TH ฿ 4,830.78
TWD NT$ Taiwan New Dollar Taiwan TW NT$ 4,536
USD $ United States Dollar United States US $566.10
UYU $U Peso Uruguayo Uruguay UY $U200
ZAR R South African Rand South Africa SA R 2,118.31
Country Codes
Suggested Display
ALL Lek Albanian Lek Albania AL Lek2000
AMD ֏ Armenian Dram Armenia AM 20,000֏
AWG ƒ Aruban Guilder Aruba AW ƒ450
AZN Azerbaijani manat Azerbaijan AZ ₼100
BAM KM Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Marks Bosnia-Herzegovina BA BS $1,204.42
BBD $ Barbados Dollar Barbados BB BB$350
BDT Tk Bangladesh Taka Bangladesh BD Tk100
BGN лв New Bulgarian Lev Bulgaria BG лв50
BHD BD Bahraini Dinar Bahrain BH BD200
BMD $ Bermudian Dollar Bermuda BM BM$350
BND $ Brunei Dollar Brunei BN BN$450
BOB $b Bolivia Boliviano Bolivia BO Bs 5,526
BSD $ Bahamian Dollar Bahama BS BS$450
BWP P Botswana Pula Botswana BW P200
BZD BZ$ Belize Dollar Belize BZ BZ$50
CRC Costa Rican Colon Costa Rica CR ¢143,000
CUP Cuba Peso Cuba CU ₱50
CVE $ Cape Verdi Escudo Cape Verdi CV CV$334
DJF Fdj Djibouti Franc Djibouti DJ 1000 Fdj
DOP RD$ Dominican Republic Peso Dominican Republic DR RD$100
DZD DA Algerian Dinar Algeria DZ DA200
EEK kr Estonian Kroon Estonia ES kr 31.92
ETB Br Ethiopian Birr Ethiopia ET Br100
FJD $ Fiji Dollar Fiji FJ FJ $ 2,535.86
FKP £ Falkland Islands Pound Falkland Islands FK £50
GEL Georgian Lari Georgian GE ლ100
GGP £ Guernsey Pound Guernsey GG £50
GHS ¢ Ghana Cedi Ghana GH GH¢20
GIP £ Gibraltar Pound Gibraltar GI £50
GMD D Gambia Delasi Gambia GA D356
GNF FG Guinea Franc Guinea GU FG500
GTQ Q Guatemala Quetzal Guatemala GT Q 9,187.96
GYD $ Guyanese Dollar Guyana GY GY$450
HNL L Honduras Lempira Honduras HN L 28,915.87
IMP £ Isle of Man Pound Isle of Man IM £50
ISK kr Iceland Krona Iceland IS kr5000
JEP £ Jersey Pound Jersey JE £50
JMD J$ Jamaican Dollar Jamaica JM J$500
JOD د.ا Jordanian Dinar Jordan JO د.ا444
KES KSh Kenyan Shilling Kenya KE KSh20
KGS лв Kyrgyzstan Som Kyrgyzstan KG лв560
KHR Cambodia Riel Cambodia KH ៛500
KMF CF Comoro Franc Comoros KM CF200
KWD ك Kuwait Dinar Kuwait KW ك61.66
KYD $ Cayman Islands Dollar Cayman Islands KY KY$257
KZT Kazakhstani Tenge Kazakhstan KZ ₸450
LAK Laos Kip Laos LA ₭1000
LKR Sri Lanka Rupee Sri Lanka LK Rs24,979.44
LRD $ Liberia Dollar Liberia LR LR$325
LYD ل.د Libyan Dinar Libya LY ل.د100
MAD MAD Moroccan Dirham Morocco MA MAD 11,313.15
MDL L Moldovia Leu Moldovia MD L300
MKD ден Macedonia Denar Macedonia MK ден100
MNT Mongolia Tugrik Mongolia MN ₮1000
MOP MOP$ Macau Pataca Macau MO MOP$357
MRO أوقية‎; Mauritania Ouguiya Mauritania MR أوقية‎455
MUR Mauritius Rupee Mauritius MU ₨455
MVR Rf Maldives Rufiyaa Maldives MV Rf. 500
MWK MK Malawi Kwacha Malawi MW MK100
MYR RM Malaysia Ringgit Malaysia MY RM179.90
MZN MT Mozambique Metical Mozambique MZ MT100
NAD $ Namibia Dollar Namibia NA NA$347
NGN Nigerian naira Nigeria NG ₦200
NIO C$ Nicaragua Cordoba Oro Nicaragua NI C $230
NPR Nepalese Rupee Nepal NP ₨100
OMR Rial Omani Oman OM ﷼20
PAB B/. Panamanian Balboa Panama PA B / 148.04
PGK K New Guinea Kina Papua New Guinea PG K100
PKR Pakistan Rupee Pakistan PK Rs 18,370.50
PYG Gs Paraguay Guarani Paraguay PY ₲ 190,000
ROL lei Romanian Lei Romania RO 593.70 lei
RSD Дин. Serbian Dinar Serbia RS дин15,042.72
RWF FRw Rwanda Franc Rwanda RW FRw265
SBD $ Solomon Island Dollar Solomon Island SB SB$234
SCR Seychelles Rupee Seychelles SC ₨100
SHP £ St. Helena Pound St Helena SH £50
SLL Le Sierra Leone Leone Sierra Leone SL Le 566
SOS S Somalia Shilling Somalia SO S100
SRD $ Suriname Dollar Suriname SR SR$480
STD Sao Tome & Principe Dobra Sao Tome & Principe ST ₣344
SVC $ El Salvador Colón El Salvador SV SV$450
SYP £ Syria Pound Syria SY £50
SZL E Swaziland Lilangeni Swaziland SZ E200
TND دينار‎ Tunisian Dinar Tunisia TN دينار‎450
TOP T$ Tonga Pa’anga Tonga TO T$500
TRY New Turkish Lira Turkey TR ₺904.060


TT$ Trinidad & Tobago Dollar Trinidad & Tobago TT TT$997.57
TVD $ Tuvalu Dollar Tuvalu TV TV$885
TZS TSh Tanzanian Shilling Tanzania TZ TSh500
UGX UGX Uganda Shilling Uganda UG UGX5000
UZS лв Uzbekistani Som Uzbekistan UZ лв200
VND Vietnamese New Dong Vietnam VN ₫ 3,450,472.00
VUV VT Vanuatu Vatu Vanuatu VU 500VT


WS$ Samoan Tala Samoa WS WS$566
XAF CFA CFA Franc BEAC Central Africa CM, CF, TD, CD, GA, GN CFA223
XCD $ East Carribean Dollar OECS AG, DM, GD, MS, KN, LC, VC XC$450
XOF CFA CFA Franc BCEAO West Africa BJ, BF, GW, CI, ML, NE, SN, TG CFA350
YER Yemeni Rial Yemen YE ﷼200
ZMW Z$ Zambia Kwacha Zambia ZM Z$100


We always recommend that the merchant does any rounding on the merchant's side. That way, the merchant always has control of the rounding rules.

Currencies & Minor Units

Currencies that don't have (or don't support) minor units


At Reach, we don't process any decimals for currencies like JPY or KRW that don't have minor units. Additionally, we always round up. So, if you send an amount of 100.4 JPY, we would round to 101. Even for an amount of 100.01, we would round up to 101.

Currencies that technically have 2 minor units, but 0 in practice


Currencies that support 3 minor units, but Reach only accepts 2


Currency that supports 4 minor units, but Reach only accepts 2



Reach does not round on /refund requests. However, the merchant should be able to see how much was actually charged in the response to /checkout and in /query. That amount is rounded based on the rules described here. Based on that amount actually charged, the merchant can find out the correct amount to refund.

Character Width

Changing currency units can mean drastic differences in the width of the number field. An item that costs only USD 1 may convert to JPY 1000. As you localize your checkout, it's important to remember to allow for this resizing of any data field that contains amounts by currency.

Formatting Euro

The creation of the European Union made it much easier to handle currencies across the region - no more Marks, Francs, or other country-specific currencies. However, one thing to remember is that each country had its own way of formatting their currency, and even though individual currencies have unified under the Euro (EUR or €), there is no set method for formatting the Euro. In this way, each country formats the Euro in its own localized way. For example, €1,000.00 and €1.000,00 are both acceptable formats in different regions.

For more information on considerations when styling international currencies and monetary values, see here (Wiki style) and here (European Union style).

Note: Currency display best practices are subject to change without prior notice. Inclusion of a currency in the above list does not indicate guaranteed support for this currency by Reach.

Global Tax

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