Drop-In Overview

The Drop-In payment solution is a fast and secure way to accept payments online without the need for extensive front-end development work. With just a single embedded iframe you can automatically display and accept payment methods from around the world.

Drop-In features

  • Local currency advantage: Access to the best wholesale FX rates
  • Multiple payment methods: Supports multiple international payments methods
  • Reduced card friction: Real-time card validation, number masking, and inline error messaging
  • Mobile-ready: Fully responsive design
  • International: Supports 36 languages
  • Style customization: Customizable colors, borders, and fonts
  • 3D Secure: Supports 3D Secure
  • Fraud and compliance: Multi-factor fraud system, and PCI DSS Level 1 compliance

How Drop-In works

The Drop-In integration consists of the following components:

JavaScript library (rch.js ): The JavaScript library used to create and control the Drop-In.
Session API: The Session API is used by the merchant to create and manage a Session object. This Session object represents the shopper’s experience while they are interacting with the Drop-In.
Order API: The Order API is used by the merchant to monitor and/or manage an Order object. The Order object holds the Order identification details and state as the payment is processed.
getRates API (Optional): The FX Rate Integration an optional add-on that enables the dynamic display of local currency based on your customer’s location.

These components work together within your checkout as follows:

  1. The shopper initiates a checkout.
  2. When the shopper clicks to proceed to payment, your server sends a request to the Session API to create a new Session object. A Session object is returned and contains a Session ID.
  3. The Drop-In is instantiated in the shopper's browser using the rch.js library and the Session ID.
  4. The shopper selects a payment method and fills out the payment details to complete the checkout.
  5. Reach will notify your server when the Session is COMPLETED. The notification contains the Order's ID.
  6. Finally, Reach will notify your server of each Order state change until an order is PROCESSED.