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2024 Reach Badge & Terms of Service Requirements

Information about the required disclaimer to your customers that let them know they're buying through Reach.

Why do Merchants Require a Disclaimer on Their Website?

Reach is a Merchant for Suppliers selling internationally. During transactions, Reach as the Merchant, is required to display our corporate entity name and processing country within the merchant storefront and during the checkout process for all transactions handled by Reach as the Merchant. The card schemes have strict rules for the messaging during checkout to avoid any consumer confusion about the parties involved in the checkout process.

To make it very clear: we require all our Suppliers to adhere to the below guidelines. In addition, Reach as the Merchant, will send a confirmation email once we finalize the sale of the goods or services offered to the consumer.

**Reach Badge at Checkout**

Reach Badge at Checkout

How-To Implement Reach's Badge Requirements

Badge requirements differ based on your storefront type. Please select the option that best represents your storefront in order to receive the correct instructions.