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Admin Dashboard FAQ

Why are the visuals loading blank?

If a visual appears blank, it either means there is no data to display for that visual or the user does not have access to this data. Our access logic updates daily, if you are still not seeing data the next day, please contact [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

What time zone is the data presented in?

All dates referenced in the dashboard are displayed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to maintain consistency across the Admin platform.

Why is the “% difference” green for refunds but showing a negative percentage?

In contrast to the other “% difference” visuals, a decrease in refunds is considered to be a positive metric, therefore showing as green.

Why do the “% difference” values change when I select a different currency?

We convert all currency amounts based on it’s specific daily FX rate on the day of each transaction, which leads to variances in percentage differences.

How is Authorization Rate calculated?

The Authorization rate is calculated by dividing the number of successfully authorized transactions by the total number of authorized and not authorized transactions, excluding duplicates.



( total authorized / ( total authorized + not authorized) )

What is a duplicate transaction?

To provide a more accurate representation of the authorization rate, we identify transactions as unique or duplicate attempts based on a number of identifiers associated to the consumer and their transaction attempt. If you'd like to learn more or if you'd like to see the data including duplicates, please reach out to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

What is the definition of a New Customer?

A ‘New Customer’ is someone who completes a transaction with a merchant for the first time. New Customers are identified by their unique email address with a merchant.

Can I export this data?

Dashboard data is currently not available for export. If you have any questions about your metrics, please contact [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

How often does the data refresh?

Dashboard data is currently refreshed every day at 3:00am Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and includes all data up to the end of the previous date.

What countries are these country codes for?

We use the International Organization for Standardization (ISO-3116) country codes, you can read up more about the codes and their respective countries here: